La Brea Bakery

The more than 100 styles of rustic breads at L.A.’s iconic bakery—shaped into rounds, baguettes, sandwich loaves, and rolls, suffused with rye or rosemary, studded with nuts, olives, or raisins, or blanketed in Parmesan—share the heritage of a wild-grape-fed starter yeast developed by Nancy Silverton in 1989. Silverton, co-owner of Mozza, sold the bakery and its industrial kitchens, but she keeps a hand in the old-world shop, whose shelves radiate her genius for making premium artisanal food seem essential rather than indulgent. Pignoli, macaroons, and almond cookies that seem born of serious stock, Italian candies and fruit pastes, conspire with a knockout twice-baked sour cherry brioche, accented with marzipan and orange water, to keep the screen door swinging all day long.