Joan’s on Third

The shop’s expansion allowed for the addition of more baked goods to Joan’s tony larder. As much as we admire, and consume, the Cloud cupcakes whose chocolate-dipped marshmallow icing reaches dizzying elevations, we’re newly infatuated with the Betty Crocker-style cakes, whose precise layers are mortared with butter cream frosting. But the pantry’s true marvel, its confectionery belly dancer, is the hazelnut-meringue cake with a midriff of quivery apricot whipped cream, a barely stable arrangement showered with powdered sugar. With a few tables and a mother-daughter-son-in-law team who welcome half the crowd by name. Take out beautiful cheeses, salads concocted per your whims, sandwiches (turkey meat loaf, rosemary roast beef, prosciutto and burrata), soups, and all manner of gourmet food, or eat on the spot. The cupcakes are famous—so are a lot of the customers.