Jinky’s Cafe

The motto here is “better than breakfast in bed,” and it’s apt. The comfort food at this pair of family-run restaurants is both prudent and decadent. Depending on your mood, you can order four-grain oatmeal with whole wheat and barley or the Yucatan quesadilla—eggs scrambled with tequila chicken sausage, mozzarella, and cheddar and flanked by salsa and sour cream. The pancakes are a draw, especially the pumpkin, the wild blueberry, and the macadamia nut. Breakfast is served all day, and a subculture has grown around Jinky’s oriental salad, made with smoky char-grilled chicken and heaped with crispy fried rice noodles. Several varieties of gourmet chili from Chili My Soul are also on the menu, and espresso drinks take the café beyond the realm of an ordinary coffee shop.