Grill ‘Em All

Cheap Eats: Burgers/Hotdogs, June 2012

A wizard beckons from the side of this heavy metal-themed food truck, where the burgers are fiendishly over the top. The Molly Hatchet is a patty dressed with fennel sausage gravy, bacon, and maple syrup. The buns for the Behemoth are grilled cheese sandwiches. PB&J meets sriracha on the Dee Snider.

Best Over-the-Top Burger, August 2011

On the Grill ‘Em All food truck, grilled cheese sandwiches double as buns and PB&J joins bacon as toppings. Syrup and sausage gravy cascade down a beef patty. If we had to pick the craziest, it’s that cheese-ensconced beast known as the Behemoth. More incredible? It’s delicious.