Good Girl Dinette

For years Diep Tran has been fusing Eastside hip with her family’s Vietnamese cooking (they own Little Saigon’s legendary Pho 79). First she bought Blue Hen in Eagle Rock, then she ran a backyard supper club, and now she’s got Good Girl Dinette, a tidy, modern gem of a restaurant in a historic Highland Park storefront. Start with a house-made soda created from seasonal organic juices. An order of spicy fries—russet potato sticks topped with a robust mix of chilis, garlic, and cilantro—will feed the table. Slow-roasted pork banh mi is just what you want, a crunchy baguette stuffed with fall-apart meat and cool, tangy veggies. We’ll excuse the weak pho and order that chicken curry potpie with a browned biscuit top.