Beer Belly

15 Best Bars: No. 10, July 2012

The bites from chef Wes Lieberher are such a draw that Beer Belly skirts the line between drinking establishment and restaurant. Beer lovers-turned-entrepreneurs Jimmy and Yume Han focus on quality, not quantity, with their frequently rotating selection of rare and specialty kegs. The “bar” has just a few stools, but the tables are open to drinkers as well—if you can land a seat. Good tip: Log into the bar’s wireless system and control the music from your smart phone.

Chef P. Wesley Lieberher always keeps the spot’s star beverage in mind: beer. A brown paper bag holds hunks of tender fried catfish and comes with fries (Catfish n’ Chips). Grilled broccoli florets are for dipping in a beer-infused Cheez Whiz. It’s all being washed down with 12 rotating brews on tap.