Bea’s Bakery

Best Black and White Cookie, August 2012

Part cookie, part cake; sort of Jewish but kind of Italian—the black and white is a New York deli favorite that has enthusiastic fans in the west. The saucer-shaped pastries are named after their fondant frosting—one half in chocolaty black, the other in lemon-tinged white—and the base is a finicky sponge cake redolent of vanilla and citrus. Our East Coast experts swore that the disks from Bea’s Bakery tasted most like home. What do we locals know? Except that this cookie—credible enough to be the official B&W at delis like Art’s in Studio City—was by far the moistest, and the black side actually tasted like chocolate. Fuhgeddaboutit!  » 18450 Clark St., Tarzana.