Antojitos Bibi

Overlooking MacArthur Park Lake, Antojitos Bibi offers Honduran rarities like cashew nut juice and crunchy enchiladas along with soulful coconut milk-based soups such as sopa de caracol. Splashes of lime juice, hot sauce, and raw onion salsa perk up the soup’s creamy broth. If the chewy texture of conch isn’t your thing, try the versions with shrimp, crab, or beef rib (called tapado). At breakfast it’s all about baleadas ($2-$4.50), handmade flour tortillas smeared with beans and cheese and folded over mounds of sausage or  carne asada. Freshly grated corn yields a peerless tamale variation known as a montuca, here stuff ed with pork. History buff : Look closely and you might spot traces of an ancient corn-based Mayan cuisine scattered throughout the otherwise Caribbean-inspired menu.