Wild Birds Unlimited

Best Wild Bird Supply, June 2005
Wild Birds Unlimited in Torrance is the Vegas buffet of bird food stores, offering everything from seedcakes to sunflower heads to suet (a food product that’s pure fat) to live mealworms. Unlike the stuff you buy at the grocery store, Wild Birds’ stock is fresh (it’s rotated every two weeks) and blended specifically for regional species. There’s nothing here for pets, but all manner of feeders for finches, hummingbirds—and even bats and squirrels—can be had. It’s a homey place, with decorative birdbaths up front, two affectionate cats, Theo and Samantha, out back, and a “brag book” on the counter for customers to post photos of their favorite backyard sightings. Perhaps the best reason to shop here? The store raises thousands of dollars a year for local bird-loving charities.