Hollywood Dog Obedience Club

Best School For Dogs, August 2014

Puppies are adorable, but not when they’re chewing on your shoes or furniture. Teach them some real-world manners at Hollywood Dog Obedience Club, a nonprofit that’s been around since 1949. On Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights, hour-long outdoor classes are held at the Griffith Park Recreation Center; a six-week course costs $75. No need to register in advance; just show up early (with a check or cash and some dog treats) and ask for Bill Marquardt. He uses the reward method to teach the basics: sit, stay, come, heel. No choke chains, no punishment. Should you need extra help to teach your pooch how to stop jumping or pulling, the ever-patient Marquardt works with you one-on-one. He also adapts the curriculum for furry overachievers. You’ll give your charge (and yourself) a high five when she gets that graduation certificate.