Cat Hotel

Best of LA, January 2005

They want to stay home; we know better. At the Cat Hotel in Burbank, felines get the kind of attention they demand of us at home: plenty of food, exercise, nap time, and heavy petting. The immaculate facility houses three-level private “condos” outfitted with carpeting, couches, pillows, pans, toys, tepees, and TVs (tuned to Animal Planet, natch) and offering views of the goings-on of the other guests. Happy campers can pounce through the Enchanted Forest, a grove of cedars for scratching, climbing, and hiding, or cruise the Rue d’Rouge, an “alley” with kitty graffiti by an artist of the two-legged variety. A stereo system pumps out the sounds of nature—or the more enervating soundtrack from Cats—while the round-the-clock staff watch over their charges and keep records on habits and needs.