Bischoff’s Taxidermy

Best of LA, April 2004

When Fido passes on to that dog park in the sky, you can cremate him or bury him—or you can take his body to Bischoff’s Taxidermy for a more lasting tribute. Founded in 1922, this Burbank institution can handle just about any pet, from mice and hamsters ($375) to larger animals (they did Roy Rogers’s Trigger in 1965), as well as mount that ten-pound bucketmouth from Lake Okeechobee. Cats and dogs cost from $1,000 to $3,400, depending on size and condition (the on-site taxidermists recommend freezing immediately for best results). Come in for an estimate or just to gawk. Bischoff’s does prop work for the nearby movie studios—Seabiscuit was one project—and has a showroom that features 400 stuffed animals, including crocs, baboons, and bighorn sheep in various states of repose.