Andersen’s Pet Shop

Best Independent Pet Shop, August 2009
The problem with pet stores is that they tend to be claustrophobic and smelly, or more often they’re soulless corporate outposts where the staff affect the torpor of a sad chinchilla. Then there are the boutiques that don’t sell pets at all. Allan’s Aquariums in Venice gets a vote for variety (now you know where to buy emperor scorpions), and Super Pet in Temple City boasts PETCO proportions. But Andersen’s Pet Shop, a Montrose indie for more than 60 years, represents an ideal medium: It’s clean and friendly, sizable and well rounded, with smartly chosen products and actual pets. The menagerie of living things—hamsters, a guinea pig, reptiles (hello, bearded dragon), fish, birds—isn’t so extensive that you sense neglect, and you can even buy monkey chow from bulk bins. Any puppies will be from the Glendale Humane Society, and the shelves feature a full array of higher-end kibble, toys, and treats (deer antler, anyone?).