Tobi USA

Best Toilets, June 2006

Toilet paper is so last century. Truly evolved toilets, like the Toto line at Koreatown’s Tobi USA, clean with a gentle stream of aerated water and dry with delicate wafts of warm, purified air. Tobi boasts three “showrooms”—really just large, nice bathrooms—where customers can sample the wares in blissful privacy (magazines are not provided). We, of course, tried them all. The washlets, such as the C100 ($660), attach to the top of your toilet and boast a heated seat and basic bidet functions. The S300 washlet ($990) adds stimulating hydromassage features like “oscillating cleanse” and “pulsating cleanse.” Want the best of the best? At $4,500, the sleek Neorest 600 is the Caddy of the bunch. Unlike the washlets, it’s an all-in-one unit, melding a water-saving, state-of-the-art toilet with everything from an antibacterial seat and automatic air deodorizer to a 12-feature wireless remote control.