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Best Bathroom Fixtures (Vintage), March 2004

Since the nesting boom began, bathrooms, like kitchens, have been expanding, not just in square footage but in mystique. Installing original Crane fixtures or an elephant’s trunk toilet bowl can spell the difference between redecorating a classic bungalow and restoring it. Yards like Freeway Wrecking and Santa Fe Wrecking are good options for old tubs and sinks. If it’s a rare copper-and-cork-lined zinc tub or a narrow endive-shaped sink meant to be shoehorned into a broom closet, Square Deal Plumbing & Heating Supplies is the journeyman’s choice. Adam Zieve has accumulated two centuries’ worth of taps, faucets, valve stems, escutcheons, and swing spouts—the works. He can furnish pristine rolled-lip cast-iron soakers and a sparkling chrome set of cabriolet lavatory legs. Says Zieve, “I never believe I’ll tell anyone I don’t have it.”