Salsbury Industries

Best Mailboxes, July 2006

Whether your mailbox has been pounded by the elements or by bat-wielding hooligans, a sturdier—and more stylish—replacement can be had at Salsbury Industries. Scout your local hardware store and you might find a dozen models; at Salsbury there are more than 160, from the country-squire-adorned “Victorian” to the all-aluminum “Heavy Duty Rural.” High-end materials like stainless steel (hot this year) or fancy finishes like an electrostatic powder coat can add to the price: Where a perfectly serviceable Rubbermaid will set you back $12, Salsbury’s boxes run from $70 to $125. But that’s still relatively cheap, because the mail-order company sells everything factory-direct. That means in three days you’ll get your new mailbox delivered to your old one. Make sure their sizes correspond.