Room & Board

Best Throw Pillows, August 2015

Whimsical statement pillows from beachy boutiques have their place; for an array of options, we recommend Room & Board. Among the standouts are pillows in curry-colored mohair—available in several sizes—that look especially dramatic when paired with the bold prints of hand-sewn “Mahal” styles. For the design challenged, no worries: Dozens of displays throughout the massive space showcase inspiring arrangements. Or you can simply pick up an oversize Tibetan sheepskin cushion, the next best thing to snuggling with a pooch.

Best Outdoor Furniture, August 2013

New and abundant around Memorial Day, dinged and picked over by Labor Day. Such is the story of patio furniture at most home decor outlets.Room & Board, however, understands that Angelenos can—and often do—host alfresco Thanksgiving feasts and New Year’s garden parties. The 40,000-square-foot Helms Bakery showroom maintains a year-round spot for outdoor furnishings. Along with sundry accent tables, benches, ottomans, umbrellas, and fireplaces, there are eight customizable collections for every season. Choose from six powder-coat colors for steel and aluminum frames, three varieties of stone, four types of glass, and 16 Sunbrella fabrics. Outfitting the great outdoors here isn’t cheap, but the (mostly) American-made pieces are built to last longer than an L.A. summer.