Mark’s Garden

Best Floral Delivery, June 2005

Call Mark’s Garden at noon and by 2 p.m. an autumnal creation brimming with cymbidium orchids, hybrid tea roses, and a smattering of kumquats will arrive at your loved one’s desk. Although owners Mark Held and Richard David can’t give exact delivery times, with eight trucks continually on the road they know your posies will make Cedars-Sinai’s floral delivery cutoff of 4 p.m. and which gate to pull up to at Paramount. Delivery prices vary according to location, from the shop’s Valley neighborhood ($6.75 to $10.75) to the Westside ($10.75) to Pasadena ($14.75). These buds are for you—just as they’ve been for Oprah’s Montecito bashes, Presley birthday parties, and J.Lo’s and Heidi Klum’s second weddings.