Living Art Aquatic Design

Best Aquarium Installation, August, 2011

To get an idea of how grand Ron Rheingold’s designs can be, check out the 6,000-gallon koi kingdom embedded in the floor of Beverly Hills’ Crustacean restaurant (talk about walking on water). Or the saltwater reef at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. For more than 30 years Rheingold’s Living Art Aquatic Design has been customizing aquariums large and small. His installations have starred in movies (most recently, Transformers 2) and TV (including Dexter and Jimmy Kimmel Live). But he’s just as eager to build home systems, from the smallest nanocube to the 4,000-gallon version in a Valley residence. Estimates are thorough, taking into account factors such as geography (is your house in a hot zone?) and decor (how to match that Spanish colonial look?). After he’s helped select the fish, Rheingold is available to maintain their well-being, and he’s on call for any emergency. Let’s face it, nobody likes seeing a floater.