Lampa + Möbler

Best Lighting, November 2004

When we’re hunting for the ideal lighting accent, we squeeze into Ferra’s on La Brea, where the chandeliers are as menacing as stalactites, or into Skank World, Linda Gershon’s Beverly Boulevard mecca of midcentury modern, where an Isamu Noguchi lamp will set you back, but not all the way back into penury. When we’re after something a bit more cool, a touch more sensuous, a tad more sleek and trim, our choice is Lampa + Möbler. From the floor (literally) to the ceiling (naturally), there are lights made of plastic, linen, rosewood, satin nickel, and glass. Owner Diana Holmlund, a Stockholm native, imports most of her lamps from Italy and Spain “because the Italians are the best glassblowers and the Spanish have the finest linen shades.” Among our favorites are Claesson Koivisto Rune’s “Bon-Bons,” textured and sandblasted white plastic lights in the shape of Madame Bovary’s favorite chocolates; they double as stools and are tough enough to be tossed from a 20-story building without breaking. More subdued—and fragile—are Roberto Pamino’s handblown glass scroll lamps, in white and orange hanging or table versions. You want to stroke the glass and trace the simple, elegant curve. These opaque laminated gems glow softly, like alabaster—a luminescence that will make any night, at table or in bed, unforgettable. That’s task lighting nonpareil.