Arcadian Flooring Co.

Best Terrazzo Floor Masons, April 2006

Five hundred years ago, stoneworkers in Italy recycled chips of marble into cement and created a new kind of beautiful, long-lasting flooring that stood up to untold abuse. Ted Lambros and the master masons of Arcadian Flooring Co. in Alhambra have been erasing age from old terrazzo floors and designing and pouring new ones for more than 40 years. Lambros has rescued the historic floors of the Greene & Greene Blacker House in Pasadena and John Lautner’s Garcia House and will be tackling the century-old Riverside County Courthouse, but he also does smaller jobs, even if it’s just a bathroom. The only thing that has changed is the personnel. “It’s getting harder,” Lambros says, “to find people willing to work on their knees all day.”