AFM Safecoat

Best Eco-Paint, August 2010

When buying paint, you know to watch out for VOCs, or volatile organic compounds—the toxic soup of chemicals found in most standard paint. But with dozens of brands now touting a lack of VOCs, it’s tough to know which one to pick. Ecocentric home supply stores like Culver City’s Livingreen and Venice’s epOxyGreen give top marks to AFM Safecoat , which also boasts some of the industry’s most coveted green certifications. The San Diego- based company works with allergists and environmental medicine specialists to create paints and tints (plus a host of other nontoxic wall products) that are geared specifically to people with sensitivities. Performance is also superior. The stuff is virtually odorless, goes on beautifully whether sprayed, rolled, or hand brushed, and wears well—all for approximately $34 a gallon, a price that’s competitive with other commercial brands.