Al Stone

Best Zhong Yi Remedies, August 2011

We rely on Al Stone, zhong yi practitioner, for all things Chinese medicine. The doctor gives consultations at his Santa Monica office, or you can order from his web site. He offers advice on a few urban ills

1. Traffic Rage
“The liver becomes angry and hot, so chi begins rising through the body—think of the cartoon character with steam coming out of its ears. Heavy minerals such as dragon bone and oyster shell will help the chi to descend.”
2. Caffeine Overdos
“Drink too much, and you can get twitches we call ‘internal wind.’ Coffee generates heat, which can cause wind, just as a campfire generates updrafts. You need to fill the acupuncture channels with fluid, which is done with angelica root.”
3. Parental Fatigue
“Sometimes in the case of newborn babies it isn’t fatigue as much as nervous exhaustion. The heart, which is where the spirit is stored, becomes restless, irritable, unfocused. A formula containing amber is one way to calm the heart.”
4. Excess Weight
“I’ve gotten great weight loss results with a compound of six ingredients, three of which regulate the organs in charge of fluid metabolism: kidneys, spleen, lungs. It’s not a stimulant, but rather it discharges fluids more efficiently.”

Photograph courtesy (in order): (1) (2) ♄ (3) (4) Reber