Lycée Français

Best French Language School, August 2010

Lycée International de Los Angeles, with a six-and-a-half-acre campus in Los Feliz and a couple of satellites for early grades, adheres to the pedagogy of French schools. Tuition here is about 30 percent cheaper than at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, which runs a brand-new high school in West L.A. near its 12-acre main campus for lower grades. Which école makes more sense for your child? In most cases, it will be the Lycée Français. It has more openings, offers an English-language track, and is the only place that accepts non-French speakers in any grade; the Lycée International expects kids in first grade and up to have a working knowledge of the language (or be comfortable with the fact that all the other kids do). In addition, the Lycée International doesn’t have much room for students besides those who have been enrolled since preschool or who are siblings of current students.