Dearly Departed


Best Ghost Tours, August 2014

Esotouric is justifiably famous for its crime-themed excursions, but if you prefer the supernatural, we suggest the “Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour” from Dearly Departed. The 90-minute guided stroll down Hollywood Boulevard dishes up lore about Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, and Elizabeth “the Black Dahlia” Short. For a more laid-back, air-conditioned outing, you can hear the same, um, deadpan humor and Trivial Pursuit-worthy factoids during the “Tragical History” and “Helter Skelter” bus tours. Even more specialized are the “CarpenTour” (as in Karen) and the “Nasty Nellie Oleson” jaunt, hosted by Alison Arngrim, who played that character on Little House on the Prairie.