Little Bar

Best Darts, August 2012

Flinging winged projectiles at a round board is a sport best practiced at Little Bar. Here’s why:

Most places hang the boards as an afterthought near the bar or in the middle of the room, where you have to worry about hitting bystanders. Here they’re located in a spacious nook at the back of the bar.

Little Bar is casual and cozy, with a touch of sports bar for that competitive edge. A classic-rock-heavy jukebox, soju cocktails, and 18 beer taps are all on target.

Electronic boards automatically tally your points, but they can be a hassle when the plastic-tipped darts bounce off. Though dives like the Powerhouse and the Drawing Room offer a good time, we prefer to stick to tradition. Bonus points go to Little Bar’s two steel-tip boards, which double your chances to throw.