Best Fashion as Art, August 2015

Brad Pitt, Jude Law, and Diane Kea-ton are fans of the handmade clothing and shoes at MadeWorn, Blaine Halvorson’s appointment-only shop in West Hollywood. Others come to view his art installations (taxidermied animals such as a mountain lion and a giraffe, costumed mannequins, an actual Montana schoolhouse). The effect is like peeking into the mind of Terry Gilliam. For his shoes Halvorson repurposes leather found in abandoned mining towns. His men’s suits, distressed and frayed, look as though they survived the Civil War. The linen skirts and denim dresses for women have the same lovingly worn aesthetic. Halvorson also sells one-of-a-kind vintage Rolex watches; the bands, lug ends, and bezels are adorned with hand-carved scrollwork. Here fashion isn’t fast; it’s slow, as if the hands of time have been turned back. Isn’t that the ultimate luxury?