Verdugo Bar

A deserted strip of Glassell Park studded with parked RVs is an unlikely place to find the city’s microbrew mecca. Also surprising are the top-notch liquor spread and the laid-back rear patio. A blinking Cocktails sign leads you to the door; inside, a gleaming wood bar curves along one wall. Hugging it is a crew of ball-capped regulars who down 120-proof whiskeys and rare hand-pulled cask ales. A To-Go sign marks a fridge of bottled beers available for brown-bagging home. Depending on the night, the massive picnic tables outside are crowded with scruffy cyclists, beer nerds, and leather-clad Latino hipsters. Oh, and us—with our Booker T. on the rocks. Locals count: 38 percent. Signature drink: The best part is, you never know; taps rotate almost daily. Bonus points: Beer pong tables, inscribed with the bar’s logo, are in back.

Best Pub Quiz Scene For Pop Culture Fanatics, August 2013

The Verdugo Bar is unmarked save for a discreet cocktails sign. Large booths and one of L.A.’s best beer lists balance out the Monday-night roster of questions about everything from Real Housewives to heavy-metal bands.