Josh’s Valero

Best Gas Station Car Wash, August 2010

Your in-box is overflowing, the kids need shuttling, and someone’s scrawled “Wash me!” on your windshield. No need to unravel the backyard hose while on a conference call. Instead, turn to Josh’s Valero, where an automated wash, during which you stay in the car, is preceded by a hand wash—all for $5. Call us immoderate, but we opt for the $10 “Supreme,” which includes two types of wax and a 20¢-per-gallon discount on gas. Got wee ones? Head to the Valero at Eagle Rock Boulevard and El Paso Street. At $8 (or $6 with an eight-gallon gas purchase), “The Works” involves green and purple soap bursting around the automobile; there’s no interior cleaning, but the experience is about as entertaining as an episode of Glee.