Tony’s Saloon

Behold another bar from downtown nightlife impresario Cedd Moses, the man behind such self-consciously retro destinations as Seven Grand and Cole’s. Situated on a seedier stretch of 7th Street, the former dive has had a thorough scrubbing but is refreshingly style free. With only a few brown leather booths, some bar stools, a pool table, and an expansive smoking patio lined with benches, this is just a bar—albeit a good one—for an after-work drink, a date, a buzz. Tony’s also lacks a proper cocktail menu, which for Moses must be akin to stifling a sneeze. Instead, top bartender Skyler Reeves can expertly mix your usual from the well-hewn lineup of liquors behind the bar. (There’s a whiskey made by Hunter S. Thompson’s Aspen neighbor—how awesome is that?) You can still get a mean manhattan, but nobody’s going to frown on your vodka tonic, we promise. Locals Count: 79 percent. Signature drink: Whatever you’re having. Bonus points: A Ping-Pong table on the patio.