The Roger Room

Even with the valet stand out front, we must have passed the Roger Room three times before finding it. The signage is for a psychic parlor, with neon tarot cards and glowing pyramids in the windows. Formerly the Coronet Pub, the minuscule room is deliberately hidden, and frankly we wish we didn’t have to tell you about it. In fact, don’t bother to check out the tan mohair booths, the mirrored walls painted with dancing elephants, the fringed lamp shades, and the little raised lounge in the back—all of which recall a 1920s circus train car. You certainly shouldn’t come to enjoy the handiwork of bartender Damien Windsor, who, with co-owner Jared Meisler (of Bar Lubitsch), has designed a cocktail menu that effortlessly fuses the old-timey and the modern (to wit: the Thug, with Maker’s Mark, honey liqueur, organic lemon juice, and habanero-infused bitters). So move along. There’s nothing to see. Time warp: Where’s the bearded lady? Ultimate swill: The Flim Flam with Bombay gin, Cynar, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, Sambuca Molinari, and an orange peel. Secret ingredient: Temperature-conductive metal straws ensure that the drink stays cold all the way to your lips.