The Abbey

Best Hot Gay Bartender, August 2009

Nice arms. Too bad he’s straight. Any Adonis slinging mojitos at a popular L.A. gay bar is immediately suspect. Look beyond the smiling eyes or the heaving pecs, and you may spot his sullen girlfriend at a corner table, counting the minutes until closing time. The Abbey in West Hollywood has long been a bait and-switch offender, but resident bartender LUCIANO COSTA is a welcome exception. The brick-jawed Louisiana native could’ve been a stand-in for Antonio Sabato Jr. in his iconic Calvin Klein underwear campaign (at 35, Costa is younger). And his ambition transcends cocktail shakers: In 2007, he launched SoCal Social Club, a mixer series that lures local LGBTers from their usual watering holes. A quick perusal of his Facebook page confirms that he’s single, looking for men, and quite possibly at the center of WeHo’s gay social scene.