Hideaway Bar & Grill

Best Horse Bar, August 2009

Shaded by an oak tree, a buckskin stands at a hitching post behind the Hideaway Bar & Grill in Lake View Terrace, his owner inside clearing the trail dust from his throat with a cold beer. Sure, Viva on Riverside Drive in Los Feliz refreshes the dudes on Griffith Park rides. But it’s folks with substantial time in the saddle who trot over from the Lake View Terrace/Hansen Dam neighborhood to tie up at the nearly 100-year-old Hideaway, a warren of low-ceilinged rooms that was once a stagecoach stop. The selection of brews is impressive, there’s live music on weekends, and a pot of chili (suggested donation: a dollar a bowl) warms on the bar. Expect stock-car racing on the flat-screen television and a friendly nod from the locals.