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Los Angeles is often described as 72 suburbs in search of a city. The insinuation is that this town is a broken tapestry of indifferent fiefdoms, though L.A. has proved again and again that a large metropolis can feel like a community and have a heart. Home to tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations, with a citizenry donating about $10 billion annually, the city consistently lands near the top of philanthropic lists. And one of Hollywood’s great benefactors, producer Brian Grazer, has been at the forefront of children’s issues for decades.

In our fourth edition of GIVE Los Angeles, he talks about his numerous charitable endeavors. In fact, much of this issue is devoted to children, from the travails of foster care parenting to prom facilitators
for disadvantaged kids to profiles of medical wunderkinds. We also feature a doctor whose skills provide much needed comfort to the homeless population of Skid Row. After reading these inspirational stories, check out our recommendations on where to volunteer. You’ll be glad you did.

Josef Vann

Give Los Angeles

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Each Year, This Local Program Helps Hundreds of Foster Kids Get Glammed Up for...

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The Renegade Doctor of Skid Row Is Caring for Homeless Addicts in Revolutionary Ways

Raised in privilege, Dr. Susan Partovi has spent her career tending to people the public health system has left behind

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