Cocktails of LA: Sip Some Soju at Santa Monica’s Weary Livers

The menu here has dozens of beers on offer but it’s the cocktail menu that keeps bar crawlers coming

Quick Bite: Patio Del Mar at Hotel Casa Del Mar

Hotel Casa Del Mar’s Patio Del Mar is a casual outdoor cafe for lunching, snacking, or a light supper

Wag The Dog: Tail O’ the Pup is Taking West Hollywood By Storm

Tail O’ the Pup used to be L.A.’s most beloved (and eccentric) hot dog joint. Now, after years in deep storage, the pup’s famous 17-foot wiener is back

A Variety of Stellar Local Dining Awaits at Taste America: LA Edition

Looking to sample restaurants you may not have tried otherwise? On July 27, a benefit for the James Beard Foundation and local chefs will give you the opportunity in an open-air setting

Cocktails of LA: Genever’s Fancy Craft Sea Cup Packs a Wallop

The last few years have seen the resurgence of fancy cocktails, and we don’t mean your grannie’s Pink Lady. Just as cooks are now called chefs and have big...

Santa Monica Pier Set to Host Boardwalk-Style Dining Event 

The reimagined boardwalk will feature food, games and entertainment on the waterfront for a complete day of nostalgic summer fun

Irv’s is Back: Beloved WeHo Burger Stand Returns After 4-Year Hiatus

Everything old is new again—beginning July 1, Sonia Hong is back serving old-timers and new customers at Irv’s Burgers.

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