Kyoto Vice: DTLA’s Kodo is Both ‘Invitingly Serene’ and ‘Intentionally Boisterous’

Yoya Takahashi’s Kodō serves up elegant Japanese cuisine with a slyly decadent twist

Move Over, K-Town: Foothill Boulevard in Crescenta Has Arrived

Deliciously genuine Korean food is plentiful in the hills of suburban LA

Eat and Run, Dine and Dash: L.A. Meal Tips for Summer

Going for a hike or heading off to a festival? These food shops will help you picnic in style

Elon Musk’s Pizzeria Power Play

Amid his takeover of Twitter and juggling fallout from Space X incidents, the billionaire apparently still has his sights set on an L.A. landmark

The Move: Ceci’s Gastronomia

LAMag Food introduces new recurring feature "The Move," otherwise known in foodie circles as "a confident and can't fail recommendation"

Not Your Bubbe’s Latkes

L.A. chefs are cooking up deluxe takes on the humble potato pancake

DTLA’s Camphor Wants Patrons to Get Lost in Spice

Two accomplished chefs wanted their tony French restaurant, Camphor, to transport diners to a glamorous, far-away place—Paris maybe? South India? Wherever, you won’t find flavors like these anywhere else in L.A.

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