Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Rum

The first L. A. distillery since Prohibition, Greenbar Collective is thriving in new downtown digs. Its growth may be rapid; the process for making its Crusoe Organic Rum is not

theessentials_masa_tSTEP 1: Grow 

When raw sugarcane, in this case from Paraguay, is processed into table sugar, the byproduct is the sweet, thick brown syrup known as molasses.


theessentials_masa_tSTEP 2: Ferment 

Inside temperature controlled tanks that are more common in winemaking, yeast interacts with the molasses, consuming the sugar and transforming it into alcohol.


theessentials_masa_tSTEP 3: Distill 

The result, a low-proof molasses beer, is poured into an eight-foot copper alembic that concentrates the alcohol to produce high-proof rum.


theessentials_masa_tSTEP 4: Infuse

After being diluted with water, the rum is spiced with orange peel, dried osmanthus flowers, cloves, and nutmeg for a Christmasy kick. » greenbar.biz.


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