Women: And the Survey Says…

Nearly 200 ladies took our survey about being a woman in L.A. Inexplicably, so did two men. Here’s what they revealed:

71% of women agreed it is harder to date in L.A. than in other cities. When asked why, they put the lack of a city center, youth obsession, and silicone at the top of the list. One frustrated Angeleno wrote, “It’s easier to meet guys but harder to find a good one.”

29% of women said that’s B.S. They said most women make excuses with generalizations that, as one respondent put it, ”rationalize their fears.” Ouch. 

Roughly half of the women in their forties, fifties, and sixties are married. One-quarter of the women in their thirties are married, and only one out of ten women in their twenties is married. (Both men, ages 44 and fiftysomething, are married.) 

Asked what they could not live without, 44% of women said hair dye. Of the other options, KCRW came in second, beating out bikini waxes, chiropractors, and personal trainers. 

Overall, most women spend between $50 and $150 a month on personal grooming. But a whopping 40% of unmarried thirtysomethings spend up to double that amount. (“Jeff” spends more than $400.)

37% of readers insisted they would not be famous if they had the chance.
22% would welcome the spotlight.
The remaining 41% said “it depends.” On what? Said one woman: On “if I could be like Claire Danes or Lindsay Lohan.” 

Six out of ten women believed they would weigh the same amount if they lived outside L.A. Of the other 40%, most felt they would weigh more. 

Four out of ten respondents thought they would read more if they lived elsewhere. Uh-oh. 

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