Wake ’n Bake

Four oven-bred treats to help you satisfy your morning sweet tooth

Best Bagel
What do Nate ’n Al, Canter’s, Factor’s, Art’s, and Langer’s have in common? They buy their bagels from Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, a decades-old warehouse turned storefront in Westlake. Purists prefer the plain hearth-baked water variety.  

Best Scone
Too often scones arrive as leaden, crumbly lumps. The Larder at Tavern eradicates all worries with its impeccably balanced raspberry version. Flecks of cornmeal lend a rustic texture, while a tart, jammy interior ensures it stays moist.  

Best Croissant
There’s nothing quite like the flaky, butter-laced crescents you find in the patisseries of Paris, but the plain, almond paste, and chocolate-filled pastries at Amandine Café in West L.A. manage to come close to Gallic perfection. 

Best Muffin
Clementine has long been the choice of Century City’s Industry crowd. Trays of heavenly blueberry sour cream muffins emerge from the oven around 7 a.m. and a few hours later are gone. Thank goodness for curbside pickup.

Photograph by Misha Gravenor