The Treasure Trove


Photograph by Dan Winters

15 Things You’ll Find in the Prop Room: 

  • The falcon from The Maltese Falcon
  • The dining room table from East of Eden
  • A pair of Baccarat crystal torchères (two of only four left in the world) 
  • Four Louis XIV antique chairs  Animatronic squirrels from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Jack Warner’s original office furniture
  • 12 sets of Oval Office drapes
  • A 1,000-pound chandelier called Big Bertha
  • A basement full of dead bodies from Contagion
  • Battle armor from Troy
  • Castle furniture from Camelot
  • Caribou pelts from a Steven Seagal movie
  • Big and Carrie’s living room from Sex and the City 2
  • 100 Bakelite phones
  • 20 jars of candy


The Dream Factory