The Hidden Coast: Green Land


Pack a dog-eared love of language when you visit Anderson Valley. Natives of this timber- marijuana-wine region have spoken their own dialect, called Boontling, for more than a century, and the novelist Thomas Pynchon allegedly wrote Vineland hereabouts. Thirty miles in-land, on Highway 128’s stretch of organic apple stands and wineries, Boonville is where retired agitators gather at the cozy Mosswood Market (707-895-3635) for morning coffee and to cross swords over The Nation’s book review section. Check into a cottage facing the garden at the renovated Boonville Hotel (707-895- 2210; $125-$275). Up the way you’ll find tongue-liberating Boont Amber Ale being served in the tasting room at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company (707-895-2337; above).

Photograph courtesy Anderson Valley Brewing Company