The 2008 Los Angeles Magazine Sex Survey


Does L.A. focus on sex more than any other city? Apparently so, say most of the readers who responded online to this year’s annual sex survey. We are videotaping ourselves in flagrante delicto more than ever, hoarding growing stockpiles of sex toys, and engaging in revenge sex at a rate that, frankly, isn’t sexy. Thanks, however, to Democrats who wrote in, not all hope is lost: Almost three-quarters of Obama supporters believe the best sex of their lives is still ahead. With luck we will verify those beliefs in next year’s survey; for now we present 2008’s state of the sexual union.

» Three-fifths of readers currently are rejoicing that Sex and the City is finally dead and buried in the ground.

» 32% of Angelenos admit to having videotaped themselves while having sex.

» 10% of them say they have screened the tapes for friends and neighbors.

» While 85% of Angelenos say they have never engaged in tantric sex, 45% are concerned that Sting has better sex than they do.

» 80% of straight men admit to having engaged in revenge sex versus 20% of gay men.

» Although more than 50% of Angelenos own at least one sex toy, 75% say they keep them hidden from their partners.

» One-third of male readers worry that their wives or girlfriends view porn online without telling them.

» Readers who identify themselves as “straight” and admit to having had sex with someone of the same gender: 20%

» Nearly one-third of readers say they have sex three or more times a week

» 90% of Angelenos believe their sex lives could improve.

» More than 50% of men say they notice no change in their wives; or girlfriends’ performance in bed after viewing porn together. By a ratio of 5 to 1, women believe they perform worse in bed after watching porn.

» 5%. It’s now official: This many readers believe David Spade is sexy.

» Who in Hollywood has a better sex life?
Judd Apatow: 57%
Jennifer Aniston: 43%

» Who believes they have better sex than their friends?
66% of Republicans and 34% of Democrats.

» Who believes the best sex of their lives is still ahead of them?
70% of Democrats, 30% of Republicans.

» L.A. may be the plastic surgery capital of the world, but 95% of readers still believe surgery will not improve their sex lives

» While 33% of Angelenos don’t want to know if their partner ever had an affair, 22% have supported the adulterous affair of a friend.