Step into This Downtown Theme Dream

The transcendental wonderworld of the One-Eyed Gypsy, with design notes from the bar’s owner, Dana Hollister

Photograph by Damon Casarez


theessentials_masa_t Screening Room 
“I lifted the idea of the Indian screens backed with mirrors from Tony Duquette. I found these, which have been ebonized, in Artesia.”


theessentials_masa_t Nicotine Fiend
“When I saw this 19th-century gnome, I broke into a cold sweat. He’s so deeply evil. He’s German, and he’s addicted to cigarettes.”


theessentials_masa_t Picture This
“Left-behind photo booth pictures get stuck under the bar. You only see them if you look under the drawbridge. Getting to that angle is half the fun.”


theessentials_masa_t Take a Load Off
“The pillows hark back to my first career at my design studio and boutique, Odalisque. The antique textiles from India and Morocco fade quickly.”


theessentials_masa_t The Watcher
“This taxidermy owl is Victorian. I work with older stuff—new stuff tends to creep me out. I like the idea because it’s about time not passing by.”


theessentials_masa_t High Light
“I know a craftsman in Egypt who uses Bedouin jewelry to make fringe for these traditional lanterns. Many nomadic tribes use broken jewelry this way.”


theessentials_masa_t Snake Charmer
“Dave Young created this wallpaper with Medusas and beavers. He aged it in coffee and purposely tore it. It’s kind of ghetto and absolutely gorgeous.”


theessentials_masa_t Statuesque
“I look at the back bar as a kind of altar. I had this copper statue in my garden for years. Now she’s the dirty goddess of nightlife.”


theessentials_masa_t Fun and Games
“I like that these 1970s Skee-Ball machines look beat up. I wanted them to seem like they had always been there. I’m trying to create a sense of time.”


theessentials_masa_tMother of Mercy
“The winged bust comes from a Catholic church in Spain. It’s the first object I collected, and I wanted it to be my centerpiece. It’s a talisman of mine.” [901 E. 1st St.,]


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