Four bars. One night. This is what Los Angeles looks and sounds like on a Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

Photograph courtesy 213nightlife.com

Oldfield’s Liquor Room [West L.A.]

Boy: “I wanted to grow a mustache, but it’s a little embarrassing.”
Boy: “I would totally work at Starbucks. I know how to make the drinks. I’d just go behind the counter and start foaming milk.”
Boy: “You’d make a good bearded lady.”



Caña Rum Bar [Downtown]

Girl: “People often say I look older than I actually am.”
Girl: “They said, ‘We think it’s funny that you’re eating so fast because there’s weed in everything.’ ”
Boy: “What’s the thing that matters most on the planet? Money.”



Covell [Los Feliz]

Boy: “I dunno, I can’t do the ‘collar up’ thing.”
Girl: “I already bought my Coachella tickets, but, like, I don’t even want to go.”
Boy: “That girl tastes like a bad salad.” Boy “Dude, you’ll never be a chief economist, face it.”



The Library @ the Redbury [Hollywood]

Boy: “No way on any level is a nuclear holocaust exciting.”
Girl: “He looks exactly like my ex. The hair, the beard, the drinking.”
Girl: “Those guys at that table over there—do you think they’re tourists or, like, in a band?”


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