Malibu Matrix


Shrader walks by the seating area; the table is on casters

As the weekend retreat for the owners of a prominent clothing company, this Point Dume property needed to be a soothing alternative to long hours spent inside an office. In the front courtyard, Scott Shrader added a quiet reflecting pool and a cushioned banquette. “I call it ‘sitting soft,’” says Shrader. “It’s not like sitting upright in chairs.” In the sea-facing space to the rear, the West Hollywood designer placed a fire pit to ward off the ocean chill. He also extended the basalt flooring—a honed version inside and a flamed basalt one outside—to impart a sense of additional living space. “I’m really just a frustrated architect,” says Shrader of the outdoor rooms he’s designed for more than two decades. The Palos Verdes native was raised in a household obsessed with gardening. As a hobby, Shrader’s orthopedic surgeon father maintained a citrus orchard in Fallbrook, where his son practiced beekeeping, which produced a homemade honey. “We called it ‘Shrader Sting,’” he says.

“I see a garden not so much as something you look at but as a space that you can use. After all, we have the best weather in the world.” 

Left: The chairs’ aluminum frames are coated in a soft plastic Right: A bonsai ficus grows in an antique planter on a front wall

Let There Be Light

Some beloved garden fixtures are no longer so fixed in place

theessentials_masa_tThe Bali wireless lamp from L.A.-based designer Joe Ruggiero has a Sunbrella fabric shade and a weighted resin base with a faux-wood finish. $299 at PTS Furniture, Thousand Oaks.


theessentials_masa_tMobile concrete fire pits fueled by propane tanks can be picked up and moved around the garden at will.  $1,495 and $1,995 at Restoration Hardware.


theessentials_masa_tThe New smokeless outdoor fireplaces consume bioethanol instead of wood. The Stix is composed of stainless steel tubes and stands 31 inches high. $1,995 at Room & Board.



Photographs by Noah Webb  


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