Devil’s Brew

Three cups of coffee to love

How We Take It: Iced, with half & half
Anything above 80 degrees is too reminiscent of the recently vacated warm bed. It must be chilly. The cold bitterness of our preferred glass, crafted in a heatless 18-hour ritual, is tempered by a swirl of dairy. This is no mere beverage, as evidenced by the beakers on the counter and the chandelier overhead.
» Where to get it: Lamill

How We Take It: Tiny, with provenance and a pinch of attitude
It’s a shot, really. A quick punch of tropical sunshine to the mouth, served in the tiniest of vessels. Espresso is all about efficiency—but then again, it isn’t. The next guy in line swears he can tell his South Americans from his South Africans.
» Where to get it: Intelligentsia 

How We Take It: Black, without sugar
The beans have not been excreted by civets or roasted just so to bring out complex notes. There is no Clover or La Mazorca gleaming in the server station. There is a Bunn-O-Matic and a waitress in a knee-length apron who asks, “How ’bout a refill?” 
» Where to get it: Du-par’s

Photograph by Misha Gravenor