Classic L.A. to Z: O is for OBSERVATORIES


Photograph courtesy of flickr/faithx5

It’s only fitting that the region that helped birth the aerospace industry was also a pioneer in astronomy. More than a mile above sea level in the San Gabriels, the Mount Wilson Observatory began exploring the universe in 1904 under the guidance of founder George Ellery Hale. Equipped with what were then the world’s largest telescopes, Mount Wilson is where Edwin Hubble discovered galaxies beyond our Milky Way. It was also the inspiration for Griffith J. Griffith’s own temple of the sky on Mount Hollywood. He died before the Foucault Pendulum and the art deco details were unveiled in 1935 at his namesake Griffith Observatory (2800 E. Observatory Rd., Griffith Park, 213-473-0800). Since then 7 million people have contemplated the heavens from our famous landmark, making this the most popular observatory in the world. 

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