Classic L.A. to Z: C is for COBB SALAD


Photograph courtesy of flickr/gparkford

In the mid-1930s, Brown Derby owner Robert “Bob” Cobb fortified himself with a late-night mix of leftovers he found in the Hollywood restaurant’s kitchen. The result—a bowl of finely chopped iceberg lettuce, diced avocado, tomatoes, chives, watercress, hard-boiled egg, Roquefort, bacon, celery, and cold chicken breast—began appearing on the menu as the “Cobb Salad” soon after at the behest of movie mogul regulars like Sid Grauman and Jack Warner. The Brown Derby is just a memory, but the salad remains one of the city’s heartiest edible landmarks. The version served at the Grill on the Alley (9560 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, 310-276-0615 or is the closest you’ll find to the original. 

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