Chow Fun: Candy

Wild wrappers and novel flavors satisfy the international sweet tooth


Candy011. Kasugai Konpeito
We call ’em “land mines.” The amoeba-shaped pastel bits are pure rock candy.




Candy022. Shanghai Plum
There’s a hint of tamarind, and tiny black seeds hide inside these plum-flavored flowers.




Candy033. Asahi Mitsuya
It isn’t beer in candy form. The upside: It’s an invigorating fizz in grape, peach, or cider.




Candy044. Mushroom Caps
Trippy, indeed. Perfect for popping, a cookie-crunch shroom is dipped in milk chocolate.




Candy055. Kasugai Mixed Berry
Menthol permeates the jewel-like berry squares, but these are better than any cough drop.




Candy066. Kopiko Coffee
We’re not sure if it’s decaf. The shiny brown rectangle comes packed with serious coffee-and-cream flavor.




Candy077. Soda Gum
The dispenser is half the fun, spilling out little balls of grape or lemon gum from a handy plastic spout.




Candy088. Lucky
It’s the wrapper that makes this confection lucky, but the creamy strawberry treat inside scores as well.




Candy099. Kasugai Grape Gummies
They’re the juiciest fruit snacks ever. The heart-shaped candies are supernaturally grapey.




Candy1010. Men’s Pocky
The name implies a feminine palate can’t handle the dark chocolate version of the famous dipped pretzel stick. Wrong.




Candy1111. Botan Rice
The classic chew has a neutral sweet flavor—the draw is the thin rice paper wrapper that melts in your mouth.




Candy1212. Kasugai Soda
You’ll either love it or hate it. The fizzy-tongue sensation feels like you’re sucking an Emergen-C tablet straight.




Candy1313. Crown Jjak Goong
We think the teensy crunchy grape and strawberry orbs, similar to Nerds candies, are pretty darn cool.




Candy1414. Hello Kitty Marshmallows
Sorry, Kitty. We can’t wait to toast these chocolate-filled marshmallows over a roaring fire.




Candy1515. Durian
There’s no need to plug your nose. The candy version of the funky fruit has notes of banana and coconut.




Candy1616. Ginger
Edible rice paper coats this spicy, sticky log. The in-your-face sweet has all the natural snap of fresh gingerroot.




Candy1717. Black Sesame
Having black seeds stuck in your teeth is a small price to pay for these sophisticated, smoky chews.




Candy1818. Gummy Worms
In a country where they eat live octopus, we’re not sure there’s much thrill in candy shaped like worms.




Candy1919. Milkita Lollies
How many licks does it take to get to the soft center of this pop? One hundred seventeen. We counted.




Candy2020. Meiji Fruit Drops
In their pretty tin, the colorful gems feel deluxe. The multitextured hard candies come in vibrant fruit and mint flavors.