Break an Egg!

We tasted eggs from a dozen farmers’ market vendors. Here are four worth flipping over

Gama Farms
Market: Melrose
With a rich, buttery texture, these yolks were the brightest of the bunch. Jesus and Maria Elena Gama have been farming outside of Bakersfield since 1989; their chickens roam on an acre and eat grains and vegetables. 

California Lowline cattle Company
Market: Mar Vista
The poultry flavor of the flame-colored yolks is undeniable. The Santa Barbara-area cattle farmers also raise organic Rhode Island Reds on open pasture, where they nibble freely. 

Mill Road Orchard
Markets: Hollywood, Echo Park, Santa Monica
These extra-large, extra-flavorful eggs come from the Monahan farm in Paso Robles. Act fast! Eggs aren’t the enterprise’s mainstay (it’s apples), so the free-range delicacies sell out quickly. 

The Kendor Farm
Markets: Hollywood, Encino
Kendor’s organic chickens are coveted among chefs—we weren’t surprised to find that their eggs were something special, too. The pale yolks belie a creamy consistency and grassy taste.

Photograph: Globe Trotter

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