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Elon Musk Investigated for Potentially Illegal Sleepovers at Twitter HQ

San Francisco is investigating to ensure Elon Musk isn’t forcing pajama parties on Twitter workers in violation of housing codes, decency

City Street Food Merchants Sue L.A. Over Rampant ‘No Vending Zones’

Two vendors and three community empowerment groups have filed a lawsuit taking on the draconian street meat rules that plague L.A.

What’s On in L.A. This Weekend: Andy Warhol, LA3C, The Street and The Shop

Also, the city’s favorite activity, thrifting, has an entire event dedicated to the art in the form of ThriftCon
The Whale

Review: In “The Whale,” Brendan Fraser Delivers a Devastating Performance

Darren Aronofsky's new drama The Whale, like the rest of the director's movies, will be off-putting for some but for my money, it's one of the best films of the year and one that...

Bill Murray: Comedy Legend or Legendary Jerk?

Years of bad behavior are finally catching up with another comedy icon

Battle of the Housed vs. Unhoused in West Hollywood

Nimbyism comes to WeHo as locals fume at a proposed 23-room “homeless transition facility”

City Hall-Adjacent Homeless Encampment Cleared for Bass Inauguration

Unhoused individuals in an encampment at 1st and Spring were moved from the area and taken to a temporary homeless facility

The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Alexander Daas, Come Up Markets, CLD PR

Also, a warehouse sale that will have you hauling away carts full of quality household decor

Brendan Fraser Reaffirms His Star Power

Having endured decades in the Hollywood wilderness, the actor is back, bringing a performance of fatalism and fortitude to "The Whale"

Rapper Sentenced for Ripping Off Covid Relief, Then Rapping About It

Unwise emcee Fontrell Antonio Baines—aka “Nuke Bizzle"—got six years in prison and an order to pay over 700K in restitution